Perfect Dutiful Daughter.

I couldn’t remember her name, is it Abdiel? (Angel of Faith) Or is it Ariel? (Angel of Nature)
Oh wait, It’s 玮恩. She’s a Japanese Korean Eurasian Singaporean Angel. let me tell you a little about her. She interests me :)

we played this 20 questions game eh:)
I don’t know where we are now but im sure it exceeds 50 already.
She wasted her first question asking where i come from, gave her a chance and didn’t count that because it’s too noob a question already.
She’s single, and single for 18 years now.
She has 7 bestfriend(s) in secondary school and a bestfriend from her Junior College
A few good friends and best bros. Then she has Royce and Leo.

She likes Pig trotters in vinegar eh. Haha funny how we like similar foods. I thought girls wouldn’t like such food. She likes rock, Oldies and slight metals, like somewhere heavier than paramore. She also like instrument play, acoustics. She loves Aerosmith. She really don’t like people eating shark’s fin eh. (Heh, let me try to stop.)

Oh, i’m her first non-classmate guy friend eh. Before entering a JC, she had phobias talking to guys. Innocence at it’s best. Her boyfriend better like animals because she’s a part time zookeeper eh. she nests a total of 4 dogs 4 terapins used to have 2 hamster and rescued a birdie before. Oh you think that’s over? She had a stray cat friend and she chases after cats to pet them. Leo Royce Ruby Puma Agatha. She has a “brother” that she is extremely close to, im glad she had him. hahahah. 

She’s a minister of defence in her own home. She builds a fortress every night since eight. and like how technology has improved our weapons of destructions, she improvised her defence system. Creating the ultimate defence against villains, mainly through plush toys and bolsters. Like every fortress, of course there’s turrets. Two Nike water bottle that can squirt water. YES. NASTY.

She’s got a past, just like everyone of us. Like what i always say: Behind every face, there’s a story to tell.

She’s heavily controlled.
Normally when i see ppl being controlled so much by their families, i would encourage them to rebel, i’m not doing so this time. Don’t bother to ask why. I’m seeking the answer too.

She can stutter in messaging, oh try tell me she’s ordinary
erom reh ot tnaw i