They say a picture speaks a thousand words, that’s eight thousand plus words here already HAHAHAHAHA okay not funny. 

Okay anywayy, met some real awesome friends of Fiona’s and enjoyed spending time with them, brought noob yirian and eric to club along with janson and hobart and duh, my goodgoodfriend joins in too :D

well, these are not all the photos that we’ve taken, i refuse to post all of them to protect identities and interest of the parties. Anyway the thing is, its real funnnnnnn but i think i got too high again HAHAHAHHA, ppl always tot i drunk when im not leh, srsly, you’ve seen a person able to count money able to walk straight without any difficulties and do all sorts of stun meh, like a pro only lor me, but nevertheless, i enjoy the company of my goodgoodfriend or not i cfm will die HAHAHAHHAHA, 

Haha, so lame games follows suit after upon reaching MBS. Felt too dirty and wants to go home, besides, goodgoodfriend has school :) aiyah lazy type liao la, thats all k thats all LOL